We can provide you with a range of services to help you exploit your brands.



We manage trade mark portfolios for our clients across the globe from the US and Canada, across Europe including at national and EU level, through Africa to the Middle and Far East.

Through us you can take advantage of an international network of specialist lawyers acting before intellectual property offices and courts across the globe.





In the UK we assist clients with licensing and investment into their brands. We also draft franchising, distribution and other commercial agreements relating to their branded goods. Many of our clients have brands covering food, fashion, software and technology products which gives us a range of experience to draw upon.

If and when you find your business in dispute with another business about a brand or trade mark we will help you resolve the issue. Where possible we would seek to avoid getting you into expensive litigation however we are experienced at intellectual property proceedings in the UK’s Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and High Court. We can advise on proceedings in small claims for intellectual property such as in trade mark infringement and passing off claims.